Mobile Advanced Scientific Pulmonary Diagnostics.

Frontera provides advanced scientific pulmonary diagnostics the pinpoint to type and potential cause of diseases that can support the validity of a toxic tort claim.

Test: Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
This is a series of breathing tests that evaluates lung function. The PFT measures how well air can move in-and-out of the lungs and as well as how much air is moving. The additional use of bronchodilator medication or exercise with a PFT allows for analysis of the effects and severity of asthma.

Advanced Scientific Pulmonary Diagnostic Information from PFT:
Advanced Advanced spirometry, lung diffusion procedures, nitrogen wash out procedures, MVV (maximal voluntary ventilation), Pulse Oximetry, Breathing Reserve (BR), Minute Ventilation (VE), ability to do bronchodilator treatments, alveolar volume (VA), residual volume (RV), slow vital capacity (SVC), Total Lung Capacity (TLC), Functional Residual Capacity (FRC).

Benefits of Frontera's Services:
* Advanced pulmonary technology shows validity - looks at deeper cellular level to determine disease process
* Identifies obstructive versus restrictive disease process
* Mobile testing is convenient to the client – we are capable of testing anywhere
* Quick turnaround - same day results
* Cost effective - in many cases, our pricing model is close to 50% less than hospitals
* We can provide data to the IME, or we can provide IME (independent medical examiner) support (expert witness)

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Frontera is the leading provider of in-office diagnostic testing services providing pre- and post-operative cardiac and vascular risk assessments in the convenience of your office. Results are interpreted by a board-certified specialist and provided back to you in 3 days or less.